We’re so glad you’ll join our list. To keep mail to a minimum, we schedule event notices and other announcements to come to you just once a week. Of course, if you have questions for us in the interim, please reach out any time in the week. Let’s keep the communal flow flowin’ while keeping your protecting your email box from the proverbial flood!  Below are the buttons to connect us in various ways:


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Participants in one virtual event, 2021



We gladly take donations for our leading and expenses. To contribute to the particular leader of your event, see our Facebook Page for the event or details in the event posting (via calendar on this site.) 
Donations are never necessary if unsustainable, but very much appreciated to help US sustain our leadings.  Gratitude abounds all around!



“Noticing” at an InterPlay event in Ann Arbor, 2018